Advice for Walkers

Special note from our good friends at Motutapu Farm Ltd

Walkers on the island need to be aware that there is a farm operating on Motutapu. Much of the poled walking track is over working farm paddocks. Please take note of the following:

  • You must leave farm gates as you find them. If a gate is closed and you open it for access then you must close it behind you.

  • Often there are young cattle grazing within the poled track paddocks. Like young children they can be inquisitive and playful. They may at times approach you. Stand your ground, clap your hands, shout and/or wave your arms. Any combination of these responses will see them quickly back away.

  • Please note  -  At times there are bulls on the island. Whichever paddock they are confined to has warning signs, so keep clear.

Enjoy walking the beautiful island of Motutapu, part of New Zealand's newest and second largest pest free island sanctuary.